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"This beautiful video my dear friend Ryan made I will cherish forever, for so many reasons. Dogs! Yoga! & the Sun! You just can't get any better than that. I miss my sweet old girl Ginger, and I miss Charleston, so a little homesick and sad watching it, but also my heart is filled with so much gratitude for so many very good reasons. Thank you Yogi's for shaping me, and thank you STONE Media for letting me share it with so many."  

- Cathy Woods, Yoga Teacher

"The only thing that comes to my mind is the light in these young men's faces now that they see what I have always seen. Potential. I am so proud of what they have and will accomplish. EVERY child deserves moments like this.  Thank you to STONE Media for capturing it exactly how I saw it."  

- NaShonda Cooke, Men of Honor

"STONE Media was kind enough to capture and edit some video of our event last Monday night with DJ HyFi. I want to truly thank everyone who attended not just for being there to support, but also for trusting us and allowing Ryan to film so that we could have a visual record of the evening. Thank you, Ryan, for your beautiful camera work!"                    

- Ashley Bell, Reverb 

"Missed my anniversary of my retirement from teaching cycle, this video brings back some great memories. Thank you to all who joined me for my final rides and for taking the journey with me throughout the years. Many, many thanks to STONE Media for this special gift."

 - Christine Wall, RIDE Cycle Studio

"Thank you to STONE Media for the making of this video a few months back, a "highlight reel" of what the studio means to me and so many. A place we could feel at home and be like family."  - Katie Martin, Studio 54 East

"A Saturday morning of connection with some amazing ladies and Mother Ocean! My heart and soul are nourished and full! Thank you STONE Media for capturing the day!"  

- Jenny Brown, Shaka Surf School

We believe in capturing the essence of an event, sharing the story behind a business or non-profit.  We strive to exceed people's expectations and to create a product that people are proud to share.